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Scan365 - real time intelligent feedback!

Improve the Customer Experience of your business by utilizing our effective Customer Feedback Management Solution, allowing your staff to evolve, develop and better your business based directly off of the valuable customer feedback unlocked by our service.

A brand is a promise of consistency. 80% of the value of Fortune 500 companies is made up from intangibles including brand value (source Gartner July 2012).

How we work

Scan365 helps companies unlock immediate and actionable customer insight. Scan365 effectively fulfills its purpose to successfully bridge the GAP between brand promise and customer experience.

Where we can help

By using Scan365 you will see numerous benefits. Some of these include but are not limited to: Increasing customer satisfaction, Improve your products and services, Enhancing your customers experience and Making more informed business decisions.

Gain customer insight

We gain customer insight allowing you to close the gaps between your brand promise and the actual experience you deliver to your customers, which exponentially boosts the value of your business to the customer.

Data powered

Scan365 allows you to access real time data, provided by your customers through a state-of-the-art Customer Feedback Management Solution, which has been proven many times to improve revenue, profits and customer experience.

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Long lasting service improvement requires more than just effective customer feedback, and our consultancy-driven approach ensures that both Stakeholders and their Leadership group keep a continued focus on best-in-class service.
The Scan 365 toolset is already implemented and used by various companies.


  • Thorough understanding of your customer’s temperature will help you drive customer loyalty up, drive customer defection down, and increase revenue and profits.
  • Scan365 gives you much more than customer statistics and Net Promoter Scores; through our unique "Natural Language Processing" engine we will fully analyse and categorise individual customer comments in real time. The resulting actionable customer feedback will improve profits and customer loyalty by closing those gaps in customer satisfaction – and helping you keep them closed.

Bespoke Software

Scan365 helps companies discover immediate and actionable customer insight. Its purpose is to successfully close the GAP between brand promise and customer experiences by:

  • Gathering multi-channel customer feedback
  • Analysing results to deliver actionable customer feedback
  • Presenting actionable customer experience insight

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